LG is going to Launch Four New Midrange Smartphones.

LG's G Flex and G4 gets the much attention of the people due to its curved shape and fastest processor. But now Lg has something more for you and this time LG announces four mid range smartphones called the Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy.

LG has a few variations for each of these handsets in the works, depending on the region of sale or supported network type. For example, the LTE versions come with metallic back covers, while the 3G devices feature patterned plastic back covers.

OnePlus One 16 GB is Heading to Amazon India tomorrow for only Rs 18,999.

One plus On white edition price and specs

OnePlus One16 GB Silk White flagship will hit Amazon.in tomorrow, following the release of black color Sandstone 64 GB flagship.

OnePlus One 16 Gb Silk White smartphone will be available at a price of  INR 18,999. If you want to have Sandstone Black Color option, you will have now need to pick the more extravagant 64GB model. Excited clients will likewise require an India particular invite before fulfilling their buy, however inivte holders will be allowed to pick from either smartphones variation.

WhatsApp Rolls Out voice calling Feature to Android users.

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Image source: pradnesh07/Reddit 


WhatsApp which was bought by Facebook few months ago is going to roll out voice calling feature to its Android users.

 WhatsApp version 2.11.528, released on February 19, is reported to have given some users access to voice calling. These people could activate the feature for other WhatsApp users on Android simply by making a WhatsApp call to them.

First Sideways Glance at Samsung's Galaxy S6

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Samsung galaxy S6 is hot in news nowadays as it is soon to be released. This Samsung S6 is rumored to have metal body.


Samsung's recent teaser didn't give us clear view about S6. Fortunately , T-mobile has shown a sideways picture of Galaxy S6, which shows incredible look of Galaxy S6. While promoting sign-up page for interested parties, the carrier also threw in the above image to whet appetites.


5 Steps to Increase your Mac or PC Speed and Performance.

How to make computer fast

 But I just bought it! "You complain. Actually, it was six years ago, when you went for a walk somewhere and had taken advantage of the difference in the currency. "But why does it take so long to open a program?" You ask yourself.

If you are not experts in information technology, your computer can not change the way you change your shirt, iTechbee has compiled some tips for caring of your Mac or PC  may be helpful for you, regardless of how much you know about computers.